10 Most Successful Game Studios of the Decade


Have you ever thought of the masterminds behind the successful games that you love?Most of you might not even care about them but many do. In some cases,its the studio’s name that drives in attention of millions of Gamers. The guys behind the successful games of today spend alot of sleepless and restless days and nights in order to provide us with the most incredible experience we can have while playing the game. I want to name some of the most successful Game studios of the decade with their successful IPs and Franchises.


Ubisoft Montreal

One of the most bankable studios that Ubisoft has. It has given amazing franchises like, Assassins Creed,Prince of Persia,Splinter Cell and


Valve Software

One of the most successful game developers and publishers of today’s time. They make few games but all of those few games do exceedingly well.

They’ve made, Half Life series,Team Fortress series,Left 4 Dead series and the highly acclaimed Portal series.

Infinity Ward

The creators of Call of Duty. They made COD what it is today. COD 4 proved to be a turning point for the studio and ever since then they’ve been spawning hits after hits,in the shape of MW2 and MW3,Each making new records and becoming highest-selling game of the year.

DICE(Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment)

A name that has made its way into the hearts of gamers by giving quality over quantity. Its DICE that has made Battlefield a real competitor against

Call of Duty. No other franchise or studio could challenge COD the way it did with BF3. They have made popular games like,Mirrors Edge,Battlefield series,and are working with BioWare on Mass Effect 3.

EPIC Games

They are one of the most renowned studios of this decade mainly because of their best-selling Gears of War series. They have also been

widely recognized because of their Unreal Technology which has been used in dozens of games. They have made Gears of War franchise which had its third and last installment released this year,they also released Bulletstorm and have announced their new game titled “Fortnite’.


A studio that has been in the news all these years because of it’s highly anticipated game “Crysis” which had phenomenal graphics as well as story line and  multiplayer. They have been highly praised for their amazing work over the years. They have made Crysis and Crysis 2,FarCry,and are working on Homefront 2.

Bethesda Game Studios

What can I say about this studio?Its simply phenomenal,whatever they come out with…its just so amazing. They’ve recently released their eagerly awaited game ,The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim which did phenomenal . Critics loved it,People loved it and has grabbed all the GOTY awards this year. They have also made,Fallout Series and the Elder Scrolls Series.

Naughty Dog

This studio has been widely praised and loved by many fans. They are the creators of Uncharted. The best-selling franchise of PS3. The Uncharted franchise has been universally praised for its cinematic quality and technical proficiency, and has sold nearly 13 million copies worldwide as of November 2011. They are making The Last of Us,which is due to release in 2012.


They make the best RPGs out there and are have produced best-selling video games. They have some profitable franchises in their hand and

have made the Most expensive game ever made in the shape of  Star Wars : The Old Republic which cost them more than  $135 million.They have

made games such as, Mass Effect,Dragon Age and Star Wars.

Rockstar North

Words can’t express the amazement I felt while playing all those Grand theft Auto games. They were just a treat to play. These guys have made one of the most loved and highest selling franchise of all time. They have been making those GTA games ever since 1997 and ever since then they have been coming up with games that become greater hits then their predecessors. They have also made Red Dead Redemption(with Rockstar San Diego)and have two games coming up which are Agent and Grand theft Auto :V. It has sold over 114 million copies worldwide, as of September 2011.


Bungie Software

Bungie….Whenever I hear this name,one thing comes across my mind,HALO. Many of us Gamers are here are Gaming because of HALO.

If HALO hadn’t been out,we wouldn’t have ended up playing video games. HALO is the game that revolutionized the gaming(especially for XBOX).

The franchise has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide .



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