6 reasons why you die again and again in Call of Duty MW 3 Multiplayer

The Call of Duty MW 3 Multiplayer is a real fun, but it is not only fun it is really difficult when you are playing with extreme professionals who know when to shoot and where to shoot. If you are new to Multiplayer and think that you can beat everyone in the game? Then you are wrong because Multiplayer needs a lot of patience and experience to master it but even masters lose many games in the multiplayer.

If you are new to Multiplayer and keep on dying again and again, then these are the reasons you keep on dying again and again This Guide will help you a lot in Multiplayer.

1. Don’t Ignore the team Members:

The first thing to be kept in mind that if you are playing a team match follow your team members who helps a lot if you find any enemy. If you move ahead and do not follow your team members, then there are more chances that you’ll get shoot by the enemies so it is better to stay with your team  members it will help you a  lot in getting more Exp and level Up.

2. You are Using a wrong Weapon:

In multiplayer always use a weapon that suits you a lot. If you want to play silently and remain hidden, then use Sniper Rifles and. If you are aggressive player use Shotguns and Assault Rifles. However, keep in mind that the range of Shotgun is very least. The Shotgun only kills the enemies that are close to you, and if they are away from you then the shotgun is not the best option. Use Assault Rifles if the enemies are in the distance. So, always use the weapons that are appropriate for you.

3. You are running too much:

If you are in Multiplayer and keep on running like wild animals and think that you could kill enemies easily, then you’re wrong. Running and shooting aggressively is not right. So always run when you’re in danger, or you are tracking an enemy. Sometimes, it is better to walk than run.

4. Use Silencer:

There are a lot attachments that we can use with the weapon, and one of the best is the silencer that you use. Silencer helps to kill the enemy silently without showing your location  on the map. If you don’t use the silencer, then your enemies can easily see your location on the map. Silencer lowers the damage done, but it is useful frequently.

5.Use Grenades:

It is better to use grenades in many situations grenades help a lot when you think that the enemy may be hidden in the building then you should throw a grenade there and sometimes your Guess is correct so use grenades on the right time as there are few grenades in the multiplayer so use them on the right time

6.Kill Streak Bonus:

If you kill enemies without losing your life, you’ll get killstreak bonus which you could use to kill more enemies like calling an air strike or using an AA gun.

If you follow this guide, then you will become a champion one day, and if you don’t follow it then you are a ‘NOOB”

I hope it helps you a lot in multiplayer.

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  • Van3k

    ok, Use Silencer – you are NOOB, if you cant play wihtout it, more damage mean you kill faster. I never use silencer, and i’m always in 1-4 place in total score.

    p.s. kill streak bonus – oh, i’m sure nobody knows about it…