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RELEASED Mon, 11 19 2012

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All right guys! Let’s cut to the chase!
Review?Let’s go!

This game is renowned as open world adventure game,yet different than most game in this genre,i.e Grand Thef Auto series,Mafia and so on.To make this game appeal most and attention grabber,in the many aspects such graphics,combat styles,gameplay,free running mode,the storyline is a marriage of many popular games in the century which shall be mentioned in the review.Keep on reading.

The Protagonist:

Wei Shen,The Main Protagonist

You are given the character “Wei Shen” ,an undercop who is  investigating Hong Kong’s criminal underworld. He has a special interest in the Triad organization known as Sun On Yen.Unlike the Grand Theft Auto and True Crime,the protagonist is  created solely to give a real vibe  to experience a real Hong Kong ambience,equipped with great combat battle moves and stunts.That’s right,not an average setting for a crime thriller game,right?

This is depicted as an eye opener to those who wanted to experience the eclectic city of Hong Kong with a twist of an ultra-violent police drama inspired by Hong Kong cinema in the perspective of  main protagonist Wei Shen.

So,Wei Shen is a character more or less a Jackie Chan/Jet Li with Jason Bourn/James Bond combined together as one.Just expect more of what you can do with this character!


In terms of gameplay, what makes Sleeping Dogs unique is the combat system and fighting styles.It’s packed with tons of flashy, highly choreographed yet brutal hand-to-hand combat punctuated by dramatic executions that involve the environment, like refrigerator doors,or in the butcher kitchen.Yikes.

The gaming combat system is sophisticated
but yet higly cinematic

The gaming combat system is more realistic than what we first expected,the after effect,wounds,injuries,blemishes is based on how intense we would deal with the damage being done when fighting the enemies.It’s simply sophisticated,very detailed yet higly cinematic.

I’d say,this game reminds me a lot of  Batman: Arkham City and Assasin’s Creeds, especially flashing button symbols to counter attack from the enemies.The violence being portrayed in this game is a shocker too,as well.Why?Ultra violence, brutal and sadistic is a perfect description and has manage to underscore the ridiculousness of the combat, especially the melee finishers.You will be guaranteed with shocking result if you combine hand-to-hand combat with environmental object as final takedown.


Yes.You may use environment object to kill your enemies.
Gruesome and Gore? Yes.

Besides the combat system and gaming styles, the free-running and free-flowing combat mode is a piece of heavenly gaming for those who can’t get enough of this game.Take this scenario of running around and roaming freely in Assasins’s Creed and taking down thugs & enemies whenever and however you want in Batman: Arkham City and having a street/drag racing in Midnight Club or Need For Speed all at the same time. Yes, Sleeping dogs is a marriage of these games and the whole concepts just blow our mind. Simply does.

It does feel like in Hong Kong Crime drama,aite?

As the game plot itself, it is highly inspired by “Infernal Affairs”.  Thus,this game is about the main protagonist finding his attention and loyalties divided and has to choose sides according to scenario given.I’d say,this is an interesting plot being translated into a game,if you perceived Hong Kong Crime drama as your type of thing,of course!


Oh,yes.Looks familiar?I bet.

Moreover,this game also featured a reputation system called “Face”.Face represents the amount of respect Wei Shen has,the higher you gain,the more access to interact to important people you will have whereas the XP system can be earned towards the Triad or Police to fulfill either side’s favor. With this system,you will be able to upgrade and purchase more equipment and abilities.

And oh,before I end this review. Sleeping dogs surprisingly has no multiplayer mode but you can share stats on the leaderboard with other online players.

Well,that’s a minus one for this game,but for those who really enjoy playing casual and side mission,I can tell you that Sleeping dogs will mesmerize you and kill your time.For example,Go photograph a Buddhist temple, or go help someone’s fiancée picking up a wedding dress or even karaoke-ing in the pub.

Love karaoke? I told you.

In conclusion,Sleeping Dog is a must for those who enjoys Open world adventure game.It might not be as awesome and flawless as other Thriller/Action game but still it’s a major surprise that Square Enix and United Front Games has been able to come out with brilliant idea and concept of this game.

We wish them to produce more highly sophisticated yet brilliant games in the future!

Thanks for reading.




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