BioWare Bans Player Over Internet Meme

Behave or you will be banned. This is what happened on the Star Wars: The Old Republic forums. The forums are only for those who are above the age of 12.

The user posted the Internet meme “I’m 12 and what is this?” on the forums, but didn’t realize you must be 13 to have an account for the game. BioWare took his comment literally and permanently suspended his account for violating The Old Republic’s terms of service.

EA hasn’t responded to requests for comment at this time.


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  • http://YourWebsite... isaac

    he’s 12, but I’m 18. do I have potential?

  • Shemptastic

    If only Xbox Live would do this….

  • Big_doodle_face

    hahahahaaha lil feggggget

  • J.D Lynch

    if only there was a way of banning everyone who uses any meme from life in general.While we’re at it retroactively abort anyone born after 1987 too..