Dark Souls – Review

Dark Souls is a game which doesn’t play by the regular rules of video games, it has its own set of rules and follows them beautifully and it gives a whole new meaning to role-playing game. Dark Souls is without any doubt, a cusp game and people will talk about it and love it even after they’re finished with it.

Similar to Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls is a 3rd Person game with brilliant combat, that is both, accurate and responsive. You will create a character, pickup a class and enter a desolate realm that is filled with deadly horrors and undead nightmares. The tutorial finely introduces you to the basic elements of the game, after you complete this tutorial, you’ll be taken to a shrine by a gigantic raven. 

That shrine will serve as your initial den. From here, you start exploring Lordan. where NPC’s will give you undefined impressions of what to do or where to go, there undead conditions and scarce giggles are somewhat disturbing. The game does not focus on story, character development or orthodox questing system. Rather then those things, it gives you a fascinating world filled with rich narrative details. You may anticipate that such narrow story telling might take you straight to purposelessness. But Dark Souls is anything but purposeless, considering the huge detailed world, the game is filled with unlined opportunities.

The previous game comprised of a huge world attached to a certain point, however, Dark Souls contains a massive realm divided into distinctive regions. However, not every area will be available for exploration, you will have to defeat bosses to unlock certain areas. Witnessing a huge gate open after an intense boss fight holds its own joy and is equally cheering. There will be certain thrill and dread while entering that area. You don’t know what horrors await you. That new region might comprise of, bleak forests, ruined castles, decayed forests, and sinister fortresses. Each area has its own visual charms, yet it feels like they all belong to the same menaced Medieval universe. Dark Souls is charming and thrilling at the same time, and it completely sucks you in its dark and sinister world, and you won’t be getting out that easily. The biggest plague in this huge world is the inconsistent frame rate. This is not a permanent issue, but things may get awkward sometimes.

Later in the game, you will eventually unlock shortcuts to regions and you can make pretty good use of them. Particularly when you are trying to master every boss of the game. The bosses include; Twin Gorgoyles, Fire Giant, Wolf with sword in his mouth and a deceptive butterfly, who lures her victims by singing soothing lullabies. Ever single boss looks deadly, and it’s difficult enough to keep you on your toes, even normal enemies are charmingly beautiful and suites the environment of the game. Each enemy attacks differntly from others, giving you a surprise everytime.
Thankfully, smooth animations and clear sound effects make every attack a joy, you’ll definitely enjoy encountering or rolling over from an attack. But, ever enemy has enough set of moves and will surprise you every time. With so much variety in combat, you can also find use of multiple weapons and pieces of armors. Fortunately, the combat is rotund and precise, and collision detection is perfect, if an enemy blocks an attack, your weapon will bounce back, if you’re successful in hitting, it will tear through the enemy flesh causing damage. If you incidentally hit the wall instead of your foe, he’ll definitely take advantage of this error and attack you at first hand.

Similar to the previous game, Dark Souls offer extensive online features, you will feel like a guest on a huge world that offers different realms. You will encounter ghosts of other players as you journey across Lordan. You’ll found bloodstains which you can activate and see the last moments of other players’ life. These features also let us become a guide for other players, by living or dying that is. This makes the game a strange and tremendous contradiction. You feel alone yet, you’re always surrounded by a huge and remarkable world.

Dark Souls is an intense game and requires plenty of focus, it isn’t everyone’s walk in the park, neither it is a journey in a bright beautiful world. It’s a dread journey into a place that’s unknown as bleak future. That’s the beauty of it, these days, many games offer cheap scares, but Dark Souls injects you with fear, and it does beautifully. Once you’re in, there’s no way out until you finish the game.


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