More details on Assassin’s Creed III surfaced

We just got some interesting new details for Assassin’s Creed III, and from the looks of the details, I can say that this game is gonna be brilliant.

  • Besides the hidden blade and tomahawk, Connor will also use firearms, bows, throwing knives, a hammer and a heavy two handed sword. Besides, will use wire with the blade – just to pull enemies of trees, rock shelves, how to hang them when he is on the height,
  • The story spans the years 1753-1783,
  • Connor will be able to hunt, somewhat similar to a solution of Red Dead Redemption. This does not have a character so “massive” as in the production studio Rockstar. Hunted animal will be skinned, and the method of killing animals will depend on the value of the acquired skins,
  • The game will be over 30 different animal species,
  • The size of uninhabited land in Assassin’s Creed III is 1.5 times greater than that of Rome, AC: Brotherhood and can be almost entirely without experience to explore the effect of “invisible walls”,
  • You are also known from previous visits “leap of faith.” This time you can jump from a high tree to driving under the carriage of hay,
  • While playing on the screen to appear will be able to up to 2000 characters simultaneously. And will be doing deals – the game will take part in the great battles,
  • Animation is a new quality Connor – a character perfectly adapts to any obstacles in the environment avoiding them in a smooth and natural,
  • The game will change the time of day, but also the time of year and current weather conditions during the game. The data we will visit the same sites on a sunny summer, and during a snow blizzard
  • Snow has a huge impact on the mobility of the form – wading waist-deep in white powder almost impossible to effectively circulate. We come to the rescue of the tree,
  • The game will also include children,
  • NPCs can interact with each other,
  • The game will be a lot of scripted or ‘canned shares taken out straight from Hollywood productions, such as running away from the soldiers through the middle of someone’s home,
  • There will be companions, but for sure they will not create any guild, whether formal group,
  • The AC III will be able to track down traces with the help of dogs,
  • Opponents will be used as a living shield,
  • The game runs rather beside Benjamin Franklin and George Washington’s Polish accent of those events – Casimir Pulaski.
  • We will not cut off the limbs, or bisect our opponents. Despite signs 18 + game will not be bubbled over brutality (and therefore abandoned the possibility of scalping)
  • In Assassin’s Creed III will be a lot of flavor for the fans and the history of Desmond’s story,
  • Enemies can not attack while waiting “in line” until your character will fight with each individually.

Stay tuned for more details.


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