Emotiv EPOC Neuroheadset

With all the technical advancement this era is presenting to us, it promises nothing but a better robotic future in which mankind won’t be doing anything then just to sit on their couches and order the machines, which is somehow coming true. Here is a new step towards future as Emotiv introduces a marvel neuroheadset. It is an imminent headset that learns what’s in your brain through the scalp of your head and deciphers it into a range of actions.


EPOC is a neuro-signals detecting asset which processes via a wireless headset. The electric signals from the brain are captured by 16 sensors. It mainly reads the brain signals, but if you laugh, smile, wink or sneeze, the equipment will know automatically. So, basically it is an expressions and feelings grabber too. The headset comes with a 16 pack of contact pads that get attached to the scalp of your brain, with a bottle of conductive fluid that keeps the sensors hydrated. It comes with an instructor manual, a USB cable to attach it with the computer and a miniUSB cable too.

The specialized software of EPOC contains an Expressiv suite which detects the expressions and mimics them, like if you smile, it smiles. There’s an Affectiv suite which detects your current expressions and display what affects you in the computer. There’s a Cognitiv suite, through which you can control things displaying in the computer via your brain. Let’s expect a little more from Emotiv and hope it will bring another innovative product to the market soon.

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