Features of Xbox 720

Due for release in the United States in December this year, the Xbox 720 will be unveiled in June as Microsoft competes with the Wii U and PlayStation 4 for market share of the eighth generation of consoles. Its predecessor, the Xbox 360, has sold 76 million units across the globe since launching in 2005. With some 40 subscriptions to Xbox Live to boot, it has a narrow lead of Sony’s PS3.

But, with gamers eager to see what difference this next-gen console has on the likes of Gran Theft Auto and Halo, what can we expect to see? Rumours, leaks and reports have been breaking all the time – some more likely to be closer to the truth than others. So, what will this year’s big Christmas present be packing?

  • Improvements – 720 is twice as much as 360 and it is likely that it will be twice as good. The 360 has been on the market since 2005 and from that time technology has moved on extremely quickly. The Kinect was a great addition and will likely improve but so will the gameplay of traditional video games.
  • Specs – A part of these improvements will be with the graphics and processing power of the console. Computer AI and graphics are likely to receive a huge boost under the hood of the 720 to bring HD gaming on to a different level. The early days of the 360 were filled with hardware failures and that is unlikely to happen this time around.
  • Controllers – With the popularity of Kinect it was questioned whether games would become more reliant on motion-controlled sensors. But, while this happy addition to the Xbox family will improve and play a larger part, Microsoft can’t ditch controls but there aren’t likely to be any major overhauls on the current controls. The filed patent for augmented 3D gaming projected onto walls would be a huge scalp for immersion into the game in years to come.
  • On the move – The Xbox has never really competed for portable gaming but there needs to be better connectivity to our phones and tablets.
  • The end of second-hand gaming? – A report said that the 720 won’t play any used games, stemming from Microsoft being able to read everything that has been played through your internet connection. This is likely to appease publishers but it could really hamper gamers who have become reliant on selling games to musicMagpie to fund their next purchase.
  • Blu-ray? – Some rumours from ‘industry sources’ have said that Microsoft will adopt this standard with their new console. While users have been asking for it, the company have stood firm in recent times and it is unlikely that they would step away from their ideals of streaming to line someone else’s pockets.
  • Price – Around $299 is the leaked price that we have up to now. Some feel this is ambitious but with the 720 and PS4 launching at the same time, competitive pricing should give gamers a good deal.


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