Games not for Extreme Gamers

When it comes to gaming, there’s no limit to the age, a gamer can be of any age. Obviously, it’s necessary for him/her to be in senses before starting this diverse journey. Gamers are also divided into two types. One of them are ruthless, and powerful Hardcore Gamers and on the other hand, there is innocent Casual Gamers. Now from a perspective of a Hardcore gamer they (Casual Gamers) are n00bs, not exactly. Most of the casual gamers are working class citizens, and only play games to throw away the stress and workload.

There are many games, which are probably not made for hardcore gamers. Today, Mostly people play games available on social-networking sites like FarmVille and many more. I mean what’s so special about these games. These games neither have great graphics nor have best gameplay but still people play these games. One thing that comes in my mind that people play these games to spend their time. These games are not for hardcore gamers like us these are just for Geeks and n00bs who play these games for fun only or to spend their time. However, gamers like us play not for just fun but also for getting the best experience of the game. The games on social-networking sites, portable consoles and some on mobile devices these games are just for N00bs and Geeks and those who play these games have to think one second what they are playing. Now, I’m going to show the list of some games, which are definitely not for gamers.


FarmVille is a 2D virtual farming simulation MMO. It is a type of farming game grow crops. Your objective is to take care of your farm growing crops, selling the harvest taking care of the livestock and building the best farm. That’s it. Graphics are not good, music is also average. Seriously, this is one of the games, which is definitely not for gamers.


CityVille is second in the list it is not as bad as Farmville. The game’s is also not that bad. Making the best city is the objective. It is good for spending your time but overall not bad. It is fun playing it but not too much. CityVille is a good game but some people play it too much. So, avoid it playing too much.


How many of you don’t know about this game Angry Birds one of the popular games. Sometimes it is real fun playing it but when you’re stuck in a level and trying again and again, and the level is not completed then one thing that comes in the mind is to delete the game from the device or to throw away the portable device. The graphics of the game are not bad for being a mobile game, but the sound of the game is really irritating. Sometimes it is best to turn the sounds off to play this game.

Pokemon Games:

Well, Pokemon fans out there this is definitely not for you because Pokemon games that release in Portable console like Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Silver and many more. What’s so special in these games? These games also have not better graphics and music but still people play them. Throw a ball and catch that Pokemon and do that again and again on different ones. Don’t play these games if you are a hardcore gamer.


Conclusion is pretty simple don’t play social-networking games as these games are really annoying and not for hardcore gamers. There are hundred of this kind of games available. If you are really an extreme gamer or becoming an extreme gamer, then avoid playing these games.

Let’s see how many of you agree with me.


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