Mass Effect DLC Ashes was the part of the game from the start

A recent video uploaded by a Youtube user“lljkceski” reveals that DLC “From Ashes” from Mass Effect 3 may have been the part of the game from the start but removed as a marketing campaign. The video uploaded by this user shows some simple steps, by applying this steps you can add Prothean in your squad without having to purchase the DLC.

These are the simple steps you have to follow to add the Prothean in Mass Effect 3.

1. Open Coalesced.bin with this

2. Search for this:
MemberValidCID=22, MemberAvailablePlotLabel=IsSelectableProthean,

3. Replace with this:
MemberValidCID=, MemberAvailablePlotLabel=,

After that, Javik the Prothean is unlocked and accessible as a squad member without requiring “From Ashes”.


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