Minecraft maker says,”EA’s Origin is a good thing”



Markus Alexej “Notch” Persson,the founder of Mojang,the studio that created “Minecraft” praises EA’s digital platform,Origin.

Minecraft was developed for about a week before its public release on May 17, 2009, on the TIGSource forums, where it gained a considerable level of popularity. It has been continually updated and patched since then, and while it was still in alpha release, it garnered several hundred thousand sales and received critical notice and acclaim from many reviewers. It passed a million units sold on January 12, 2011,less than a month after reaching Beta. By February 18, 2012, the game had sold more than 5 million units.

He says that its good that Valve’s “Steam” has some competition now and that serious competitors are good to have.

“I think it’s a bit dangerous to only have one digital distribution platform like Steam,” he told GameSpy.

“I love Valve, but out of principle, I find the idea of one platform a bit scary. So I like that there are others competing – for example, Desura and Impulse, who recently got bought by GameStop. It’s a good thing that there are more.”

Origin was launched last year by EA,when suddenly the studio’s ‘Crysis 2′ went off of steam and few days later it’s ‘Dragon Age II” also vanished. EA later stated that Valve had some issues with the contract and that the decision to take off the game was entirely made by Valve. I don’t know if it was just to get back at Valve or wanting the freedom to sell their products on their on terms that EA launched Origin but it has been doing considerably well ever since it launched. Origin now has 9.3 million users, and more than one million are active every day. Steam’s witnessed five million people online at once, and has 35 million active users.

“Origin does a couple things badly compared to Steam, which is impressive since they had eight years to study Steam,” Notch continued.

“They should definitely have a chance to do their thing, but they might want to move away from titles that make people use it and show people why they should use it.

“But I think, in principle, it’s a good thing.”

Most people don’t prefer Origin over Steam is because it doesn’t have a vast game library to choose from and when  EA executive Peter Moore was asked about it he said :

“It’s an open platform. There is nothing I would love more than to have Valve’s – everybody’s games. We’re talking to every publisher, as you can imagine.”

He further added,”It’s one of those things where I would ask give us 18 months to two years,” Moore concluded. “And if we sit here two years from now, start looking at it then.

“The ability to have your own direct platform with the consumer is going to be very important in the digital world going forward.”

EA’s starting to take Origin to a whole new level,I hope it doesn’t disappoint us.



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  • Professional612

    EA is a cancer on the gaming industry that needs to die. I hate EA and their shady business practice and how they try to force origin on PC gamers. I’ve been a member of steam since 2009 and have games I haven’t played in two years and i don’t have to worry about then being taking off my account simply because i haven’t played them in so long. matter fact if steam shuts down today I will still keep my games i brought. EA doesn’t do that and i refuse to pay for it again simply because EA wants more money. I also don’t want my PC or personal info sold to third party so i could be bombarded with ads and promotions.

    EA is also known for shutting down their servers regardless as to if there are people still playing on it just to force gamers to move on to the next game then rinse and repeat. i have no problem with a online service to give steam competition. hell i would even take GFWL (which sucks to holy hell) before i buy anything from or install origin on my pc. there is no debating it and i know many PC gamers that feel the very same way. if it wasn’t for BF3 or ME3 (which after the controversy of the ending i highly doubt) no one would use it and EA knows it, which was the very reason why they removed games from steam.

    i have no issue if notch or and other Developer want to put their games on origin. but don’t make them exclusive or you will get no sell from me. I have skipped games like BF3 and ME3 (due to day one DLC) and i will have no problem skipping any other.