After too many version of NEED FOR SPEED, now they released NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT. Need for speed Hot Pursuit is the most foremost version of NEED FOR SPEED series ever released. It is actually ACTION RACING game. In Need for Speed Hot Pursuit players will experience both as cop and racer in their career. Game has outclassed graphics. Everything is with full of detail. The game also allows u to play it as both solo and connected. This will do in autolog. Another innovative thing in this game is damage models. Vehicles which have been involved in accidents featured visibly crushed car bodies and suffered from performance penalties. In Need for speed Hot Pursuit, all latest cars are used. The game also features many weapons installed in cars.


Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has outclass graphics. All roads, sign boards, road blockers, shadows, cars etc. All things are with full of detail. The effect of weather is also gives a realistic look in game. PhysX technology is also used which also gives realistic effects in game.

Solo and Connected Mode:

Need for speed hot pursuit allows you to play both solo and connected mode. Through LAN connection you can race with any member from EA Games website. Connected mode not only offers you to race with other member, it also enables players to compare performances and stats, thereby setting the stage for the ultimate in friendly competition.

Damage Models:

In need for speed hot pursuit, a new damage model of cars is available. This feature gives an awesome look in game. It is happen when a car involve in an accident. When the car get crashed in an accident the sparks and body parts of a car get visibly clear just like a real accident.

The other feature of the game is weapons installed in cars. You can get the full fun of the game when you have all weapons installed in your cars. All other race opponents also have all weapons. This type of race is like a War race. You have to wreck the police cars to win the race easily.


In the end I will suggest, you should play Need for speed hot pursuit. It has all good graphics, sound tracks and handling of the cars. All latest cars are used in this game. All things are with full of detail. I am sure you will enjoy it.





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