Pink Samsung Galaxy S III Is Launching Soon

We all know that the Samsung Galaxy S III is one of those few phones that have stolen many hearts all around the globe. And though the phone was released couple of months back but its craze is still on as more and more people are urging to own it. This is the main reason why it hit such a great number of sells in a short period of time. As this flagship is making its way to success, we noticed earlier that Samsung was busy in bringing a verity of colors to this phone.


Few weeks ago, Samsung released four new colors of Galaxy S III that were Garnet Red, Sapphire Black, Amber Brown and Titanium Grey. Today, a Galaxy S III in pink color has been launched by Samsung, which means that now the phone’s palette has seven colors now. This phone will be hitting Korean market next week.

If you are not from Korea, then a little wait will help you to get this color, specially the ladies, as the rest of the countries will be getting this phone by the time of Christmas.


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