Star Stable: An amazing online horse game for all ages

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games or MMORPGs are a big hit on the internet. Not only kids but even adults are now hooked into playing these exciting and intriguingly fun games. There are a wide array of game types interested players can choose from—fantasy themed to adventure centred to animal starred. Among all these, I am especially fond of playing horse games like Star Stable perhaps because I have always been a big fan of horses; therefore, it thrills me to see them move and go on adventure even just by playing an online game.

Star Stable may initially be branded as a game for really young kids who enjoy colourful “cartoonish” characters as it features quite a broad range of horses that come in various colours based on real, actual, existent stallions; and riders who are decked out with vibrant tops and either a pair of dark-coloured pants or jeans. However, after playing the game for some time, I have realized that this was more than just a kids’ horse game as it, in fact, appeals to people of different ages. Apart from this, although the protagonists and equestrians are females, Star Stable certainly does not facilitate or advocate sexism. By that, I mean, there is really no stereotyping that only girls can and should play it primarily because its goals and over-all setting are practically for everyone. I have no qualms about it having only female horse riders because I see it as a particular horse game style rather than an issue of sex discrimination. After all, girl MMORPG enthusiasts also enjoy playing online adventures featuring mostly male characters.

About the age range of players, I believe that it suits all ages as it strikes a perfect balance between animation effects kids would surely love and a storyline adults would definitely find appealing. While playing Star Stable, I have encountered, through the chat feature of this online game, a number of players who were older than me. When I asked them about their motivation and reason for playing, I received almost the same answers—they used to own horses; and after a while, they could no longer maintain them; hence, they chose to channel their energy to an online horse game like Star Stable; some said they were not enticed to play it at first as they were never fond of horse games, but after seeing how their kids had a lot of fun with it; they gave it a try; and eventually found themselves with their children everytime they play. All these only prove that Star Stable encompasses age. It is a venue where the young and the old meet and together have some fun.

As for the game itself, Star Stable, as the name implies, is basically an adventure about brave equestrians aiming to stop greedy corporate gods from destroying the stables. The game commences after the player chooses his/ her horse and designing his/ her own avatar. This is when the exciting journey and battle begin. At each phase of the game, there are different chapters the player is supposed to unlock. Alongside the objective to protect the stables from being torn down by evil companies, the player during his/ her quest, meets other players and interact with them. This is also a good opportunity to explore the field and the astounding world of Star Stable.

There are two versions available for anyone who wishes to play Star Stable—the free and the paid. Although it always seems better, money-wise at least, to play the free version; the rewards of the paid one are really attractive considering its minimal and reasonable cost. The most noteworthy benefit of having the paid version is that the player regularly receives supplies of star coins which he/ she may use to purchase horse feed, clothes for the character or avatar, and some decorations. The extent of the levels which may be unlocked is as well greater in the paid account.

With my experience playing Star Stable, I do not know if it would be accurate to say that it is only for kids, or worse, only for girls, as it never fails to amaze online players across different age groups and regardless of gender.

Follow my next review about Star Stable, I will focus on the specific dynamics of the game including its graphics, animation, designs, and other related aspects

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