Tomb Raider Reboot Pushed to 2013

The reboot to Tomb Raider has been delayed to 2013. In a post on game’s official forums, the head of Crystal Dynamics Darrell Gallagher unveiled that the studio has decided to take some additional time in development and improve the overall game quality. Darrell said,

“Our priority now is to make sure we fully deliver the very highest quality game. In order to do this, we have decided to move the game’s release date by a few months, from Fall 2012 to the first quarter of 2013,”

“We’re doing things that are completely new to Tomb Raider in this game and the additional development time will allow us to put the finishing touches into the game and polish it to a level that you deserve,” he added. “We believe this is the right choice and I guarantee it will be worth the wait.”

Darrell also said that the studio wants “to make this the best game of our careers, something we would be really proud to be a part of” and that Crystal Dynamics “truly believe that we have something very special on our hands.” He also included that the game “is looking amazing” and the studio will be revealing it in E3


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